Smart IP Profiler is a FREE lightweight application that makes it easy and intuitive to manage your TCP/IP settings. Smart IP Profiler let’s you create custom profiles with individual TCP/IP settings for all your TCP/IP based network adapters.

You only have to run Smart IP Profiler when you want to change settings or activate a different profile.  So you don’t have to keep Smart IP Profiler running in the background  – even though it’s pretty lightweight.

You might use static IP at home, dynamic IP at work and  dynamic IP with OpenDNS at your local café – Then simply use Smart IP Profiler to save those settings in three different profiles.

Current version is v. 1.02

Smart IP Profiler requires Windows XP SP2 or greater, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or greater.

You have to be an administrator user to use Smart IP Profiler in Windows Vista and Windows 7

(“Run as administrator” is not  sufficient).

Some adapters may be unsupported